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Why Say Kraft Paper Is One Of The Best Packaging

  • 2/21/2023

Every day, every business industry is growing, and the competition is getting more demanding and challenging.It makes life difficult for new startups because new businesses don’t always have the money to compete with the big boys.However, some new brands are on a track to compete with big brands;the problem is how do they manage to pull off the impossible? Well, it is because of their strategies to attract customers.


Almost every brand is luring customers through its product packaging.These days, product packaging is nearly as important as the product itself because beauty attracts the eyes.To make a name for your brand in the market, you need to have a packaging that stands out from the rest and displays your products appealingly.Customers can get the same quality products as yours from other brands, but won’t the packaging and unboxing experience your brand offers.


Finding the suitable packaging material for your product can be a tough challenge, but there is a material with the name “kraft paper” that ticks all the boxes.No matter how old or new a brand is, they need a packaging box that can help them immensely, and kraft boxes are one of the best options for brands.In this blog, we will be talking about why kraft boxes are one of the best available boxes.


Helps You Go Green

The environmental health issue is pretty severe, and we all should play our part in resolving that issue ASAP. Customers these days are concerned about this issue, and they hate to see a brand still using harmful packaging material for their products. Kraft paper is obtained from wood pulps which makes them eco-friendly and recyclable.

Kraft paper boxes are also decomposable, which means after they have been recycled enough times, they will decompose and not harm the planet in any way possible. Plus, when customers see you using eco-friendly packaging for the sake of the health of our world, they will choose your product over your competitors. Using eco-friendly packaging is the most brilliant way to protect the environment and attract customers.


Offers Flexibility

As a business owner, there are many things you have to keep an eye on, and you don’t want to be distracted by having to keep an eye on multiple materials for your wide range of products. Using kraft paper boxes will take care of all your worries.

On top of being eco-friendly, kraft boxes are also one of the most flexible packaging materials out there. Kraft boxes are being broadly-used in different niches like jewelry, soap, food, cosmetics, etc. You need to customize your product packaging in a manner that will attract customers.


One of the biggest concerns for any brand in the world is how they can protect the product in the best manner possible.Custom boxes have grown big in population and are used as a marketing tool, but still, the primary purpose of product packaging is to protect the product from any possible damage.Packaging materials offer this quality but are not great for customization.Then some materials are excellent for customization but don’t do well when protecting the product.


So the task here is to find a material that can serve both purposes,Kraft paper boxes are fantastic for carrying a product because they can withstand the worst climate conditions, whether it be moisture, heat, humidity, or shock.These boxes are also sturdy enough to protect the product even they fall from a height.


Takes Away Your Shipping Worries

Shipping your products to your customers is a significant worry for some brands because they fear their customers might get a broken product. Customized kraft boxes are the most preferred packaging option for products around the globe. Kraft boxes are flexible and easy to customize, ensuring that your product reaches its destination in a single piece regardless of its size, shape, or weight.Another good part of using kraft boxes for shipping is that kraft boxes are lightweight, which will help you save some money on shipping costs because shipping companies charge you depending on the weight and volume of your products.


Offers Better Printing Quality

We all agreed that the time of those traditional boring brown boxes is well and truly over.No one wants to see packaging that has next to no printing on the packaging.To have custom boxes that attract customers and influence their purchase decision, you need a packaging material that can make the printing look nice and tidy, and kraft custom boxes are great for this purpose.

Kraft paper boxes are made by compressing multiple kraft papers, which gives them a smooth surface for printing.While finalizing the printing part, ensure that the ink used for printing is eco-friendly and high-quality because if low-quality ink is used, the printing will be gone in a few weeks or months.You want your packaging to continue to market for your brand until it is decomposed.


A cheaper option

As a new startup, most brands don’t have huge capital to experiment with within the market, so it is vital to take the proper steps. We all know the importance of product packaging and how it can play a part in the business’s success. Most brands stay away from eco-friendly packaging, thinking that this packaging is expensive compared to other options. Still, in reality, this packaging is pretty cheap because they are made from natural material and don’t require much processing.