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What are the characteristics of disposable paper cup

  • 2/21/2023

Paper cups are a kind of paper container made by mechanically machining and gluing cupstock paper to have a cup-shaped appearance. It is safe, healthy, lightweight and convenient. It can be used in public places, restaurants, etc.

Disposable paper cup features:

  1. Disposable paper cups are easy to carry and use, inexpensive paper cups that are thrown away immediately after use and are common drinking utensils in many homes and public places. The use of disposable paper cups in daily life is becoming more common as the pace of people’s efficiency increases.
  2. Disposable paper cups have a short usage period and a large consumption. According to a survey, the consumption of the paper cup in 2021 was about 52.7 billion, making it the largest disposable wood consumer product second only to disposable chopsticks.
  3. Low cost. The paper cup can be stacked, so the cost of storage and transportation is saved and the cost of circulation is reduced as well.
  4. Good appearance. Printed decorations are easy to implement, have good publicity, and can boost sales.

Paper cup selection tips:

1. When buying disposable paper cups, check that the packaging is in good condition.

2. Buy paper cups such as those found in fluorescent light bulbs that are silver, too much added phosphor, and harmful to the body.

3. Place the disposable paper cups as far away from each other as possible in a dry, clean place after you unwrap them.

Above are features of disposable paper cups. Till next time, bye-bye.