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What are environmental packaging materials?

  • 2/21/2023

Environmental packaging materials are those we produce, manufacture, use and recycle, and are not harmful to human health. It has a wonderful conservation effect on the eco-environment and is recycled and reused. To widely adopt and develop environmental packaging, we need people to choose their packaging materials correctly. Thus, environmental packaging is essentially environmental packaging material. So-called environmental packaging materials are those that are produced, used, scraped and recycled in a process that saves resources and energy, can be quickly degraded or reused after waste, do not disrupt ecological balance and have a wide range of sources and low energy consumption. A material or material product that is easy to recycle and has a high recycling rate. Common environmental packaging materials include degradable plastics and natural molecular materials.

The new environmental packaging materials (degradable materials), which are studied and developed vigorously worldwide, are all aimed at the “white pollution” which is difficult to deal with. Environmental packaging materials are broadly categorized into two catalogs and based on environmental protection requirements and post-use materials. First, recyclable materials. Including paper, cardboard materials, molded pulp materials, metal materials, glass materials, usually linear polymer materials (plastics, fibers), but also including degradable polymer materials. The second is the natural weathering back to the natural material.